Why World Awaits Academic Consulting

With hundreds of satisfied clients, Kimberly VanderWeert and her team at World Awaits Academic Consulting are trustworthy experts in university and college admissions. Our approach is to craft a bespoke strategy just for you, playing off your strengths to maximize the effectiveness of your applications, essays, and CVs, specific to each school you apply to.

Universities look not just as your GPA, standardized test scores, or writing skills, but as a missing puzzle piece to their campus. Top-tier institutions seek to include certain students who meet their goals on research, skill set, academic ability, culture, and diversity. Looking beyond just the usual metrics of success, Kimberly and her colleagues will identify how you specifically can leverage each institution's goals to your advantage, making your chance of admission to your top choice schools far more likely.

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We are experts

Kimberly VanderWeert and her team have years of experience - from coaching top-tier students to preparing essays. All World Awaits employees are United States-based experts with years of experience in academia, college admissions, and English writing. When you hire World Awaits, you hire the best in the business, with local expertise and direct understanding of what is needed to succeed in the uniquely competitive university systems of the U.S., U.K., and Canada.
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We are trusted

In a dark sea of uncertainty created by dubious and corrupt "consultants," World Awaits is a staid beacon of integrity and a trusted source for expert help. We are honest with you, our client, about what the services we can provide, your academic standing, and your best chances of success. Because our methods are trustworthy, you can rest at ease knowing that your application, essays, and academic course is on solid footing.
We know admissions

We have the kind of experience and practical understanding one cannot grasp simply through training. Kimberly VanderWeert has 10+ years of experience in higher education consulting and has worked on both sides of the admissions process. Her team is carefully selected for their years of experience in academia, test prep, essay composition, and grant writing. You are in experienced hands with World Awaits.