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How to Conclude Your Personal Statement (With Examples!)

So you’ve been working yourself to the bone, spending hours-upon-hours (or even weeks-upon-weeks) developing the perfect personal statement. But how do you wrap it up in a way that leaves a lasting impression with the admissions committee?

Link your conclusion back to your introduction. Doing so shows that you can form a well-developed written argument and provides the reader with a satisfying sense of closure.

Take a look at these examples from clients I worked with in the past for some inspiration.

  1. This client opened the essay by discussing a personal challenge and how it motivated them to enter their field of study. This is the last sentence in the PS:

At the same time, as a (REFERENCE TO CHALLENGE), I will provide a uniquely personal voice regarding how (CHALLENGE) affects individuals on a direct and visceral level. It is because of this experience that I have found my purpose in FIELD OF STUDY -- a calling (UNIVERSITY) can help me realize. 2. This client opened the essay by discussing what their field of study meant to them and why it was their calling. These are the last three sentences in their PS: In this circle of life, my contribution is (FIELD OF STUDY / STRENGTH RELATED TO FIELD OF STUDY). Exactly how my journey will unfold is yet to be determined, but I envision myself (LONG-TERM GOAL). Two things are certain: I will continue to grow professionally and, as a UNIVERSITY alum, I will uphold its mission of (SUMMARY OF UNIVERSITY/PROGRAM MISSION) in my life’s work by (HOW). 3. This client opened the essay by discussing their personal values. This is the last sentence in their PS: My (PERSONAL VALUES), along with my goal to (OVERARCHING CAREER GOAL), have not only informed my decision to enter the world of (FIELD OF STUDY) but serve as my future motivation. Reach out to us if you need help with your personal statement, and we'll get started right away!



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