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MBA Applications Are Insanely Competitive. Boost Your Profile Today With These 5 Tips

Earning admission into a top MBA program is not only limited to a strong GPA and high GMAT scores — a strong profile is equally important. Business schools (B-schools) assess an applicant’s strengths and achievements beyond academics, and you must develop (and appropriately present) these to give admissions committees certainty that you will be a positive addition to their team.

This means not only developing a strong profile, but identifying and minimizing weaknesses in your existing background and skill set.

Here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve the skills, achievements, and expertise you present to your target B-schools.

  1. Boost your GMAT score — If you’ve completed or nearly-completed your undergraduate degree, you no longer have control over your GPA. To demonstrate academic prowess, you must ace your GMAT score. So hunker down with a study plan and practice, practice, practice. Don’t hesitate to take the exam two or three times — it’s worth the extra time and money to reach your top score.

  2. Take career-focused courses or certification courses — Demonstrate to admissions committees that you are committed to your career growth by taking online courses or certification courses. Consider Coursera and MOOCs. In addition to showing that you are already working toward your goals, these courses will improve your business knowledge and familiarity, subsequently elevating your application materials.

  3. Take on or find challenging work projects — Whether you are currently working, interning, volunteering, or waiting to begin B-school, you can boost your profile by tackling challenging projects. The best predictor of future success is past performance. By taking on new or difficult tasks, you show admissions committees that you: 1) Are capable of handling ambitious projects, 2) Are committed to your personal growth, and 3) Are a high-achiever and self-starter.

  4. Attend conferences — By attending conferences in your field, you will gain a deeper understanding of your industry, such as how it works or what is new in the field — which, again, will enhance your essays and interview. Conferences will also help you grow your network.

  5. Develop your credibility online — Create a LinkedIn profile, share your knowledge through LinkedIn articles, a blog, or videos. Having a following will help to differentiate you from your competition, as well as demonstrate your willingness to contribute to others.

Once you have developed your b-school profile, it’s time to present in a way that highlights your skills, achievements, and expertise — all while aligning with each of your target programs. World Awaits is here to make sure your applications are set up the correct way so you receive offers from all of your top-choice schools.

Reach out to us today to set up a free advisory session to discuss how you will reach your ultimate potential.



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