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How to Start Your Transfer Essay: 5 Questions You Must Answer

Students and families often come to me stumped on how to begin their transfer personal statements. Schools want to see that applicants have made an appropriate, informed decision to transfer, and that they have the academic ability and motivation to be successful at their new school. To properly demonstrate these things to admissions officers, begin by asking yourself the questions below. Your answers will inform your personal statement.

Question 1: How is your current school failing to meet your academic and/or personal needs? In other words, how is it less-than-ideal? Consider:

  • Have you decided to change majors, and your current school doesn’t offer it or isn’t strong in the discipline?

  • Do you dislike the curriculum offered at your current school?

  • Do you lack access to career development outside of your course offerings, such as internships, externships, career services, campus clubs and organizations, or networking opportunities?

  • Have you outgrown your environment?

  • Is your current school too expensive?

  • Do you have personal circumstances influencing your decision to transfer?

  • What are your personal values and how haven’t they been met?

  • Did you initially feel unprepared to apply to your transfer school?

Question 2: What were your expectations for your current school before you arrived? How did reality differ?

Question 3: What experiences have you had that have led to where you are now? Consider (in order of importance):

  • Experiences in your current school

  • Experiences in high school

Question 4: If you attended community college immediately after high school, why did you make this decision? Has community college met your needs up until this point and, if so, in what ways?

Question 5: What specific resources and opportunities does your transfer school offer and how will they benefit you? Identify:

  • Course offerings

  • Professors you want to learn from

  • Student organizations

  • Research opportunities

  • Experiential learning opportunities

  • Study abroad

  • Resources and courses outside your major that align with your personal needs and interests

  • Resources and opportunities in or near the school’s city

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Thank you for reading my post; I hope it has been helpful for you!



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