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How to Write A Basic Transfer Essay

There are different ways to tackle the transfer application essay, but I happen to have a favorite method. In fact, it’s the one I walk all of my transfer clients through. Why do I love it? Because it shows that you are not only a capable student, but you are committed to your education and have a plan for your future. Showing this in your essay is imperative because admissions committees are often concerned that transfer applicants are “wishy-washy”, meaning they lack determination. The very act of transferring shows a level of uncertainty, so you must use your essay as an opportunity to display maturity and assurance.

Here is the outline I use:

Paragraph 1 - Intro that tells a story and lets the reader get a glimpse into YOU (who you are and what makes you "tick"). Paragraph 2 - Explain why you are at your current school / why you chose your major. Paragraph 3 - Explain why you want to leave your current school. How is your current school failing to meet your educational needs or goals? Paragraph 4 - Show how you made the best of your time at your current school. What classes / experiences have you pursued that have prepared you for your next step academically. Paragraph 5 - Why University X Paragraph 6 - Close off and, if possible, link back to your intro.

If you want assistance with your transfer application essay, or transferring in general, please reach out. I help many students successfully transfer into their dream schools every year, and I can do the same for you!



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