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If I Reapply to a Graduate Program, Will Admissions Review My Old Materials?

If I reapply to a graduate program, will admissions review my old materials? It depends on how long ago you applied and how large the program is, but yes, probably.

What might surprise you, however, is that this is usually a good thing. By applying to the same program, you are demonstrating not only your commitment to your field of study but the specific program as well. You can also try your luck at reaching out to admissions or the department to see if they are willing to tell you what was weak in your previous application. This is a long-shot, in my opinion, but it’s worth the effort.

No matter what, you must submit new application materials. If your application didn’t work for you in the past, why would it be different this round? You want to update your applications, highlighting how you’ve continued to develop your profile and reflecting on the insights you’ve gained since your previous submission. Update your CV, rewrite your statement of purpose and supplemental essays, and have your recommenders write new letters (or, at the very least, change the date).

If you want help with your applications, reach out to World Awaits directly to arrange a free 20 minute consultation. The graduate school admissions process is competitive, and every year schools receive far more qualified applicants than there are spaces. You must take action to differentiate your application from the competition, and we are here to help you do just that.



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