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Last Minute Essay Editing: How to Fix Your Disorganized Essay by the Deadline

The clock is ticking - there are only a few days left before Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) college applications are due. If you’re like most students, you’ve put off writing your application essays until the very end, which means you’re probably looking at a messy essay. Today, I am going to share some tips with you to help you edit and polish your essays for submission. First, remember the essay (or essays) are used to help admissions committees know who you are beyond your grades and test scores. They want to understand you - your background, your goals, your motivations.

A successful college essay answers two questions:

  • What happened?

  • Why is it important?

To assess your own writing, begin by reading your essay. Just read it. Don’t worry about editing it just yet. Then answer the questions in our checklist:

If these questions highlight any gaps in our essay, it’s time to fix them. Then, start the process all over again. It may take a few drafts, but you’ll get there. Need another opinion on your writing? Help polishing your essay(s) before submission? We are here for you. Contact World Awaits today.



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