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The Benefits of Doing a Ph.D. Abroad

For some, pursuing a Ph.D. abroad is daunting; however, there are many benefits — both career and personal — that make it a strong decision.

Develop a better understanding of different research methods and systems Earning a Ph.D. is a significant step in developing yourself as a researcher and academic. Studying abroad can give you opportunities to explore different research methods, experience different educational environments, and improve your approach to your own research or career goals.

Grow a global network

Having an expansive professional network will open doors for you. By studying abroad, you gain access to different research opportunities, projects, and professors — all of which can enhance your own experiences and goals.

Expand your skill set

By moving abroad, you must adapt to a new culture and educational system. The experience demands flexibility and determination, and you will exit your program with stronger soft skills, such as problem-solving, language, and communication skills, than you’re likely to acquire at your home institution.

If you are considering doing your Ph.D. abroad and want to explore your options, discuss whether it’s a good path for you, or learn how to maximize your application, reach out to World Awaits directly on WeChat with username kvanderweert to arrange a free 20 minute consultation. The graduate school admissions process is competitive, and every year schools receive far more qualified applicants than there are spaces. You must take action to differentiate your application from the competition, and we are here to help you do just that.



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